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Terms of use of the website


To place an ad on the website www.freeclassifieds-ads.com no registration is required.The publishing of an ad is FREE, unless your want to take an advantage of the paid options of the website.

Personal and corporative data filling from the users is voluntary. Voluntarily published information will be available to all users and visitors to the website in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the services.

The Rules for the Use and Publication provide information and contain the rules for use and the rules for publishing of ads on the website. Each user is bound by these rules for the entire period of time of use of the website, from the initial entry to his departure. Services are offered on the condition that the user accepts without arguments the rules described in this document.


As a condition to use the services, the Users undertake not to use the provided services for any activity prohibited by the law. The rights and obligations of the users includе, but they are  not limited to:

1. Ads shall be published ONLY in English, written with Latin letters. An exception to this rule is admitted only for company names, names, and abbreviations of product names,name of raw materials, trademarks, email addresses and URLs.

2. Ads shall be published ONLY in the subject of the categories and subcategories of the website.

3. Not to publish ads containing in their title: web addresses, phone numbers and other inappropriate content.

4. Strive choosing the correctly corresponding Category and Subcategory.

5. Not to publish the same ad multiple times.

6. Not to publish ads with pulse phones unless the ads are not announced as VIP offers. All other ads with pulse phones will be deleted, and for systematic violations, the author will be banned by IP address.

7. Report and denounce detected violations.

8. Seek help and advice from the team of the website in the event of technical questions and malfunctions.

9. Absolutely prohibited publication of ads, which purpose is advertising benefits by clicking on ads, referrers, drop shipping, reading / sending emails, spam and other semi-legal Internet activities. Such ads will be deleted immediately and their authors banned by IP address, unless the ad isn’t a VIP ad!

The users of the website www.freeclassifieds-ads.com are fully responsible for the content, accuracy and timeliness of published and shared by them information, as well as for all their actions on the pages of www.freeclassifieds-ads.com

Users shall not publish on the pages of www.freeclassifieds-ads.com pornographic materials, photos, texts and other foreign materials, which are protected by copyright, schemes, logos, etc., objects of another’s intellectual property, calls for violent change of the civic and public order, illegally acquired information and / or such information, which affects the material or moral rights or the interests of third parties. Users of www.freeclassifieds-ads.com undertake not to create a false identity to mislead other users about the identity of the sender or the origin of the message.

Disagreements’ arising with the policy of www.freeclassifieds-ads.com , with the quality of the provided services or with the Rules for Use and Publication, the user is able to cancel at any time his relations with www.freeclassifieds-ads.com not entitled to any compensation and damages.


RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF www.freeclassifieds-ads.com

www.freeclassifieds-ads.com reserves the right, but not the obligation to remove and / or change at any time and at its discretion, any material generated by the user who somehow violates the Rules of Use and Publication. These rights concern, but they are not limited to:

1. Remove posts not corresponding to the themes of the website.

2. Deleting posts written in a language different than English and with alphabet other than Latin.

3. Deleting ads with incorrectly selected or specified by the user categories and subcategories.

4. Deleting identical ads posted several times in several categories and subcategories.

5. Deleting listings, subject to reporting by the users of the system for detected irregularities.

6. The right of clarification regarding a certain ad and the right to require a change of an ad if any questions appeared concerning it.

Failure to comply with the Rules of Use and Publication www.freeclassifieds-ads.com may terminate the user’s access to any part of the services of the website or any related service at any time without giving any reason, with or without notice and at its sole discretion, even if the user has already  paid any fee in any way, as in this case the amount is not refundable and www.freeclassifieds-ads.com doesn’t owe any compensation and damages.

1. www.freeclassifieds-ads.com is not responsible for the actions of its users irrespective of whether they have used the website for lawful or unlawful according to the Rules of Use and Publication way.

2. www.freeclassifieds-ads.com has the right to change the design and stop, change, add services with or without separate notice .

3. www.freeclassifieds-ads.com is not responsible for the services and their functioning neither has the obligation and technical capability to check all posted ads and users actions.

4. www.freeclassifieds-ads.com is not responsible for the content of images , texts, videos, documents and other type of information generated by the users of the website. It doesn’t guarantee the authenticity and timeliness of the information generated by the users, as well as it is not responsible if you post pictures, text or other material that infringes someone’s intellectual property, copyright, human rights or violating property or moral rights, or interests of a user and / or the third parties. Regarding the type and content of the advertisements appearing on the web pages of www.freeclassifieds-ads.com , and also the rights and ownership of the trademarks, which they bear is a sole responsibility of the advertisers

5. www.freeclassifieds-ads.com is not responsible for any damages caused or suffered by users in terms of use or non-use of the provided services.



www.freeclassifieds-ads.com мay contain links and references to websites owned or operated by third parties. These links and references are provided only for your convenience and in view of the offered services. www.freeclassifieds-ads.com doesn’t have the control and is not responsible for the suitability, performance, content, policies for protection of private data or security of these websites. Without limiting the foregoing , www.freeclassifieds-ads.com specifically disclaims any responsibility if such sites infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. Links and references to such sites doesn’t imply that www.freeclassifieds-ads.com endorse the content ,or products and  services that are offered to them. If you establish a link to such websites or with this website, you do so entirely at your own risk and  you are solely responsible for the consequences.


The users of  www.freeclassifieds-ads.com have the right to use freely all the resources except the restrictions described in these Rules and other commonly valid restrictions.

The users of www.freeclassifieds-ads.com doesn’t have the right to copy, distribute or use texts, images or parts of the website without the explicit permission of www.freeclassifieds-ads.com

The Users undertake not to use www.freeclassifieds-ads.com in connection with surveys, contests, games, competitions, recruitment of a personnel ; Do not send commercial, promotional and other unwanted messages to other users or other external parties using the information, resources, tools or services provided by www.freeclassifieds-ads.com beyond its normal use.

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